I currently live in Marin County California. I grew up in Arizona. I have traveled and lived in many places including San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, DC, Miami, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, Tulsa, Tel Aviv, Genoa, and Zurich.

Professionally I build and maintain enterprise systems mainly in enterprise resource planning.

Physical health is a critical foundation for life. Without it, you have nothing. The mind verses body is a false duality. I optimise the balance of healthy food and exercise to live and reason well.

I grow healthy food and ecosystem. Self sufficiency is healthy and empowering.

I analyze propaganda, psychological operations, privacy, and censorship in the internet age. What you don't know can kill you. Information from a wide range of sources gives me a healthy information diet

I use technologies, devices, and software that I control. I use free and open source software and open configurable hardware. I host and run servers with many decentralized internet services.

I do not confine myself to identities or constructs of politics. I might make and argue strong positions, but I genuinely seek to discover that what I think and believe is wrong.

I love to learn and help where I can. Contact me.